Atlas Brookings Magician Nottingham

Magician_Nottingham_6 What EXACTLY does Atlas, a magician in Nottingham, do? By employing an array of methods, some of which are described in the 'About' section of this website, Nottingham magician Atlas can discern thoughts, display astonishing feats of mind control, predict the outcome of future events, and much more. While what he can do can be described on paper, it is much more fun to watch it happen!

Therefore, a selection of performance videos are listed below. In addition, included on this page is a video of audience members reacting after one of his shows.

PLEASE NOTE: Because what Atlas does is so unbelievable, people often suspect camera tricks. Therefore, all the footage on this website is raw video that has been shared by real audience members.

  • Watch Atlas read the minds of three participants!
  • Watch Magician in Nottingham Atlas demonstrate subtle mind control techniques!
  • Watch Atlas guide a person's decisions!

  • Watch the video below to see audience testimonials and reactions!